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China has a large number of gender-diverse people; gender-diverse rights have vast impact on Chinese society. As visibility of gender-diverse communities gradually increases, gender-diverse issues have gained growing public attention, and the protection of gender-diverse rights has become a major concern of public welfare. We believe that the government is obligated to respond to the needs of gender-diverse communities and tackle the discrimination and violence these communities face. By amending the relevant laws and policies to be more inclusive, the government could enable gender-diverse people to survive and thrive, and enhance public welfare while maintaining social stability.

Therefore, we have written Rights of Gender-diverse People in Mainland China.By gathering and analyzing existing academic research, investigative reports, laws and policies, and media coverage, this report summarizes some of the most critical issues of gender-diverse rights in contemporary China, such as Health and Medical Services, Education and School Environment, Partnership and Family Relations, Employment and Workplace, Media Expression, Community Development, and Global Trends and International Engagement. It depicts the development and progress of gender-diverse rights in recent years, unpacks the needs gender-diverse individuals experience and the challenges they face, and proposes concrete policy recommendations. It is hoped that professionals and government branches could reference this report in decision-making, and that laws and policies could be revised to be inclusive of protection of gender-diverse rights.
Click to download the Summary ReportRights of Gender-diverse People in Mainland China(A Summary Report)/uploadfile/2024/0516/20240516053522444.pdf